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Hiking and field guide for Mt. Parnassos, Greece

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Parnassos topoGuide is a digital field guide for hikers, bikers and nature lovers for one of the most famous and beautiful mountains of Greece. The app includes routes, descriptions and photos for 25 hiking and mountaineering trails, 8 mountain bike (MTB) routes and 4 mountain running trails, which spread throughout the Mt. Parnassos, near Delfi, Greece, including Parnassos National Park. Each Adventure has a description, photos and a POIs list. 

The application offers detailed off-line maps and an extensive introduction on geography, geology, the ancient defensive system, the history and the nature of Mt. Parnassos. The app offers also a useful list of POIs with a comprehensive search engine.

The trails list offers easy and moderate hiking trails and long mountain traverses, including the local part of European Trail E4 and the National Trail O22. Hiking and mountaineering routes sum 250 km.

The MTB routes cover all levels of difficulty and sum a total length of 150 km.

The mountain running trails include all mountain running courses actually done on Mt. Parnassos.

In the field, the application identifies the nearest route and make active navigation to it and then along it, with continuous messages to the user, while pops-up photos on every interesting or important terrain feature close to his position. If the hiker position is more than 20 meters far from the trail, the application warns him and suggests how to go back.

All app elements, the text, the photos, the routes and the cartography are genuine information collected, written and compiled by AnaDigit cartographic company, which developed also the application. AnaDigit has issued previously detailed hiking maps at a scale of 1: 25,000 for Mt. Parnassos, as well as hundreds other hiking maps for Greece (eg. maps of Crete, Zagori, Sifnos, Naxos and other Aegean islands). To build the application and ensuring data accuracy, all tracks of Mt. Parnitha have been recorded again during 2015.

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