• Psara - Fanari Beach
    Psara - Fanari Beach
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    Psara - Vigla Hiltop
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Explore Psara, by discovering a rich collection of original information and photographs based on on-site observation and personal experiences.

A virgin territory with wonderful natural beauty unspoiled by tourism, providing the perfect conditions for a few vacation days away from crowds, tension, and traffic. You will find big, beautiful sandy beaches that you can often enjoy alone! Moreover, while the island is small, its history is momentous, closely linked with the Independence War, during which it was completely destroyed by the Turks (in June 1824). Visitors to the island can still feel this history all around them, even today. They will see the names of fighters in squares, the busts of fighters, churches, and monuments, culminating at the site of the holocaust at the top of Mavri Rachi--reminders of the island’s history at every turn. If you want to get to know the history and beauties of Psara, do be sure to plan your stay well in advance, because the island has few accommodations.

  • More than 200 points of interest.
  • Highlights of Psara: the particular advantages and the distinct identity of each location.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all main service points (accommodation, dining, entertainment) and basic information (health centers, police, tourist information) about each part of the area.
  • Ability to use maps both offline and online, with optional user-defined parameters (the off-line mode reduces your phone bill, so you can explore South Kynouria without spending extra money).
  • Reliable evaluation of all the points of interest by the exploring team of EG.
  • Ability to search for the information you need using multiple search criteria.
  • Ability to set points of interest as favorites.
  • Option to add and share comments and reviews for each point of interest.
  • Ability to create a personalized Guide.
  • Integration with our Tourist Portal, www.exploring-greece.gr

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