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A rich mobile tourist guide for the tiny but very beautiful Elafonisos.

Elafonisos is an enchanting fishing island which in recent years has become a tourist attraction, mainly due to its beautiful sandy beaches with their light blue water. Especially in August, the island is overrun with tourists, and you will fight for a place everywhere!

Explore Elafonisos, by discovering a rich collection of original information and photographs based on on-site observation and personal experiences.

  • 200 points of interest.
  • Highlights of Elafonisos: the particular advantages and the distinct identity of each location.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all main service points (accommodation, dining, entertainment) and basic information (health centers, police, tourist information) about each part of the area.
  • Ability to use maps both offline and online, with optional user-defined parameters (the off-line mode reduces your phone bill, so you can explore the area without spending extra money).
  • Reliable evaluation of all the points of interest by the exploring team of EG.
  • Ability to search for the information you need using multiple search criteria.
  • Ability to set points of interest as favorites.
  • Option to add and share comments and reviews for each point of interest.
  • Ability to create a personalized Guide.
  • Integration with our Tourist Portal, www.exploring-greece.gr

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