Exploring-Greece Content

EG users can send us their own contributions (text and/or pictures) that relate to the areas covered by EG (which currently include the Prefecture of Arkadia, the tourist area of Argosaronikos, the Kalavrita and the Trizinia area, the Prefecture of FokidaElafonissos in Lakonia, Nauplio and Tolo in Argolida,Isthmia in Korinthia, Kriovrisi and Astras in Ilia, Sintiki and Iraklia in Serres, Sithonia in Chalkidiki and part of the Cyclades Prefecture – SerifosSikinosSyrosFolegandros and the complex of Small Cyclades).

The additional elements may include new content, corrections or additions to existing content, suggestions, descriptions of tours, tourist guides, or accounts of users’ experiences.

Contributions should be sent to the address info@exploring-greece.gr.

In addition, the windows describing places, objects of interest, recommendations, etc. provide the option of opening a new page where the user may enter additional information about the item under consideration.

Please note that all user contributions will be previewed and approved by the EG editing team before appearing on the site; once cleared, the text and/or photo(s) will be posted along with the name of the contributor.

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